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Official issue the 23 june 2011 at souffle continu Paris France

Ziph: CD

David Bausseron, Claude Colpaert, Vincent Debaets, Lune Grazilly, Patrick Guionnet, Jacques Leclercq, Thierry Madiot, Yanik Miossec, Aline Paligot, Michael Potier, Christian Pruvost & Li-Ping Ting.

artistic direction & compositions : Thierry Madiot

CD may 2011 on Prele label

Sound Recording & mastering: Eric Cordier

Production Muzzix-Le Crime (Yanik Miossec)

Recorded the 20 & 21 march 2004 at la Malterie, Lille & the 3 & 4 july 2004 at Drama Makina in Hellemmes

Available on the label website Prele, Metamkine or souffle continu

Tune names:

  • I’m blowing in a tube to Alvin Lucier
  • Breathing gesture to Phill Niblock
  • Twelve 1 to John Cage
  • Poème pour trompes télescopiques to La Monte Young
  • Sensor acoustic band to Atau Tanaka
  • Nasal critical band to James Tenney
  • Laptop imitation to Charlemagne Palestine
  • Ontological breathing to Radu Malfatti
  • Balloon Synthesis to David Tudor
  • Stases nuageuses à Xenakis
  • Phonographie d’intérieur à Chris Watson
  • Dripping tubes to George Brecht