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2 Projets en cours


"We Are Bodies Listening in Action" WABLA

Christian Pruvost Yanik Miossec Thierry Madiot David Bausseron

New creation "milibars" at La Malterie Lille (FR) November 15 2017.

with the musical collective Muzzix

A new step in the telescopic tubes projects

After the 12 musicians group ZIPH which is related to the first elctronics music of the sixties and seventies the iidea is to introduce in a particular space-time a mechanical engine : an air compressor.

We want to combine the previous form « I’m the breather » and « You are the Listener » in one « We Are Bodies Listening in Action » WABLA.

The first performances happend at L’espace culture at Lille’s University the 15 februar 2012 and at la Malterie in Lille the 16 and 17 februar 2012

La Malterie in Lille the 15 november 2017

Riverun festival of GMEA Albi october 2018