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We are playing yet a new piece on the Phonoscopie dispositive " Sécante" by Jean Philippe Gross

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15 minutes performance’s for 6 people by 2 performers (Thierry Madiot & Yanik Miossec) and Antoine Rousseau as programming. Phonoscopie is produced bySonic Protest and Muzzix

In 2017 played at GMEMMarseille, GMEA Albi ...

Avant première à la "Rose des vents" à Villeneuve d’Ascq avec Muzzix du 5 au 7 février 2013 et création à la "Gaité Lyrique" à Paris les 13 et 14 avril 2013 dans le cadre du festival "Sonic Protest", à Bagnolet "L’audible festival" les 14 et 15 septembre 2013 ...

Teaser :

PHONOSCOPIE from Sonic Protest .

We are interested to recontextualized Intimacy of sound massages sonore in a historical perspective of instrument buildings in the frame of amplification and sound diffusion.

From global to intimacy trough local, we work in between concert form and sound installation .

The question : « ’Where from, do we listen ?’, is the main foundation of this work. Source’s Positions, Listener position are the keys of this work with sounds.

In 2009, in " Lille 3000", we had integrating the electroacoustic by using east european languages recordings as min sounds .

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Phonoscopie 4
photo: Hervé Goluzza

This experience gave us envy to continue or more exactly to work more specifically on the electroacoustic aspect through sound massages.

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Phonoscopie 2
photo: Hervé Goluzza

In fact, the time is where the practises of electronics music are no more considered as new, but as one of the available technics to explore the musical ideas. Phonography, microscopics sounds and the specifical qualities different kind of technological medias are yet in our hands and help us to multiplicate our stratification’s work..

RADIO: "L’atelier du son" to Podcast here France Culture october 2013

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Phonoscopie 3
photo: Hervé Goluzza

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