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Ziph David Bausseron, Claude Colpaert, Vincent Debaets, Lune Grazilly, Patrick Guionnet, Jacques Leclercq, Thierry Madiot, Yanik Miossec, Aline Paligot, Michael Potier, Christian Pruvost & Li-Ping Ting.

artistic direction and compositions: Thierry Madiot

CD released in may 2011 on Prele Recordings and mastering by Eric Cordier

Production: Muzzix-Le Crime-Prele

Recordings the 20 & 21 march 2004 at la Malterie , Lille and the 3 & 4 july 2004 at Drama Makina, Hellemmes

Titles: I’m blowing in a tube to Alvin Lucier

Breathing gesture to Phill Niblock

Twelve 1 to John Cage

Poème pour trompes télescopiques to La Monte Young

Sensor acoustic band to Atau Tanaka

Nasal critical band to James Tenney

Laptop imitation to Charlemagne Palestine

Ontological breathing to Radu Malfatti

Balloon Synthesis to David Tudor

Stases nuageuses to Xenakis

Phonographie d’intérieur to Chris Watson

Dripping tubes to George Brecht

In Ziph, there is no notion of improvisation, no partition, only a simple space schedule (in a circle turned inside or outside, in a line, in opposition, dispersed, moving, focalised or disseminated), a duration notion, some playings modes and an earing of the sound space. We have the same instrument (a telescopic trompe) and the same indications. We don’t have to hear ourself individually but only by subtraction. It mean by our silence in the sound of the collective.

We are an inaudible element of a whole. As some insects in summer unique and multiple in the same time.

Our instrument is no more an musical instrument. A simple telescopic tube in PVC from 8 inches to 100 inches with a sculpture latex balloon, that’s our tool to occupied the acoustic space in a lot of combinations.

Our sound is the acoustic result of an thinking influenced by 60 years of electro acoustic and electronics music practices. It’s not enough to use a laptop to be an heir from the first musicians of the early electro music.

Half organic because of the breath in the latex balloon, half electro acoustic because the minimalism and the use of the sinusoid wave as first references, we try to scramble the tracks of a division between electronic and acoustic music."

Ken Waxman review on JazzWord: "...This CD is undoubtedly the best every made by ziph players – and likely the only one. On a serious note however, Madiot’s invention, and its use for experimental music with other players deserves more extensive outside investigation."