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Reverse collection Tarek Atoui

"Reverse Collection" Tarek Atoui’s exhibition at Tate Modern London (GB) at the Tank June to october 2016 I build 3 instruments "Aqua flute" Putine Organ" and "Orgue à clapets" for this project which was bought by the Tate gallery and are yet in the collections Played 10 days with Tarek Atoui, Leo Maurel, Vincent Martial and some London musicians. I (...)


Official issue the 23 june 2011 at souffle continu Paris France Ziph: CD David Bausseron, Claude Colpaert, Vincent Debaets, Lune Grazilly, Patrick Guionnet, Jacques Leclercq, Thierry Madiot, Yanik Miossec, Aline Paligot, Michael Potier, Christian Pruvost & Li-Ping Ting. artistic direction & compositions : Thierry Madiot CD may 2011 on (...)


"We Are Bodies Listening in Action" WABLA Christian Pruvost Yanik Miossec Thierry Madiot David Bausseron New creation "milibars" at La Malterie Lille (FR) November 15 2017. with the musical collective Muzzix A new step in the telescopic tubes projects After the 12 musicians group ZIPH which is related to the first elctronics music of the sixties (...)

You are the Listener

Spectaculaires objets-instrumentaux serpentant et parcourant l’espace publique, les longues trompes télescopiques tels des coquillages urbains délivrent à chacun leur univers sonore intérieur. Cette expérience sonore de l’intime est d’abord l’affaire de l’auditeur. Il plonge, tête la première, dans un bain de sons ; les premiers jamais ouïes ? Cette installation (...)