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Rational melodies - Tom Johnson - Dedalus

Tom Johnson : Rational Melodies

Release Date : 01/2010

Description : Dedalus : Didier Aschour, guitar, music director ; Amélie Berson, flute ; Eric Chalan, bass ; Denis Chouillet, piano ; Thierry Madiot, trombone ; Pierre-Stéphane Meugé, saxophone ; Silvia Tarozzi, violin ; Fabrice Villard, clarinet ; Deborah Walker, violoncello

"I am particularly pleased, because the result is so different from the solo flute recording of Eberhard Blum and the solo clarinet recording of Roger Heaton. It is not just another interpretation, but a case where interpreters have added so much insight to the music that the music itself has grown. When I was composing this music around 1982, I really thought I was simply writing melodies, but now these little pieces, though remaining melodies, have become something much more, something I would never have imagined. They have become what you hear on this CD." - Tom Johnson




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